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Ruler Protocol has partnered with to list $ARMOR as collateral. 17549 $ARMOR and 25 $RULER per week have been allocated as rewards for Liquidity Providers.

  • Leverage an ecosystem that has a supply & demand-driven interest rate which is not dependent on bonding curves.
  • Be sure their position will not be liquidated as long as they follow the rules and repay back their…

C.R.E.A.M. has joined the Armor Alliance in their continued commitment to user and asset security.

Alpha Finance Lab has joined in their continued commitment to a secure ecosystem for lenders and leveraged yield farmers

Armor matches up to $500k in Bug Bounties to stop hacks before they happen

Armor is a decentralized brokerage for cover underwritten by Nexus Mutual’s blockchain-based insurance alternative


Community Treasury
Growth Program
Launch Schedule
Token Rewards
Smart Contracts


We are on the verge of an unprecedented financial revolution built upon the key features of DeFi: composability and permissionless access.

Insurers are financial first-responders

Traditional financial institutions and investors…


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